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Leading Industry Trends in Sharing Unlimited Files Securely

Sharissa Barnett Sep 16, 2022 10:00:00 AM
Latest industry trends with UNLIMITED File Size Sharing: CoraCloud wins the race.

Businesses have adopted a work-from-anywhere and work-on-any-device environment, which has generated a lot of questions about the security of routine file sharing over public networks and devices the company doesn't provide. 


Business executives are scrambling to find a secure solution as security breaches soar.


Business leaders now have a way to protect essential files using Basil. End-to-end encryption ensures that any file you transfer with CoraCloud is entirely secure (E2EE). 


A game-changer in the market is the ability to transfer files of any size securely.

CoraCloud is One of the Best File Sharing Sites

Business executives, CPA experts, tax experts, and bookkeepers now have a way to protect critical data with Basil. 


Thanks to the latest industry trends, these experts can fully transfer files of any size using the latest file-sharing apps and safely change the game in the market. 


The best file sharing site to allow UNLIMITED file size transfers within its completely safe and encrypted platform is Basil, powered by Coraltree. Basil is the best Practice Management software for accountants. 


Basil is an all-in-one solution for accountants and CPA firms to manage several clients without worry!


It remains the most incredible practice management tool for CPA firms and accountants, thanks to its task manager, client management, limitless e-signatures, and safe file sharing features. 


Besides, with Basil, you don't have to worry about the number of users or the size of the CPA or accounting firm. Basil is a perfect fit for all sizes and numbers.

What are the Main Benefits of File Sharing Sites

Innovative businesses communicate via Basil. It provides a complete set of productivity tools, including file sharing and multiple user collaboration features.


Basil also allows accounting and CPA firms to enjoy unlimited file sharing, and versioning and rollback, all of which are secured using cutting-edge MLS and multi-factor authentication (MFA) techniques to confirm user identity. 


This enables businesses to increase productivity and ease of use so that their regular business operations remain more secure and productive than ever.


Once uploaded, files are always kept in the cloud using encryption to ensure that only authorized devices may access them. 


Users of the Basil Workspace are not restricted to specific file sizes when uploading files, enabling the sharing of huge files from any location. 


The platform's drag-and-drop functionality makes it simple to upload and exchange data in a secure setting. 


Additionally, unlike other platforms on the market, Basil maintains the crucial integrity of the original uploaded files without compressing, which harms the data and degrades the document's quality.

Request a Demo Today

Basil, your ultimate practice management for accountants, offers complimentary 1:1 demo session and a free 30-day trial for new users with no card commitment. 


Leverage this offer and learn how to streamline your CPA and accounting functions with the latest industry trends to stay ahead of your competitors.

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