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Determine Which Low-Cost Cloud Sharing Portals is Best for Your Industry

Sharissa Barnett Jun 3, 2022 7:39:56 AM

What Do Cloud Sharing Portals Really Bring to the Table?

Technology has brought much growth and development to finance businesses over the last few years. Cloud-based sharing portals attest to that because they’re designed to help businesses store, share, manage, and organize files in the cloud as opposed to a hard drive or server. Cross-platform file sharing software is a primarily used tool today and can significantly improve your day-to-day tasks.  

Benefits of Using Cloud Sharing Portals

Now that we’ve discussed cloud-based file-sharing portals, you may be asking, ‘What is the main benefit of cloud-based file sharing?’

One of the most significant benefits of cloud-based file sharing is that you, your team members, and your clients can access the file system from anywhere, at any time, provided Internet access is available.

Here are a few more key benefits of using a cloud sharing portal:

Client Portals Saves you time

Accountants and tax professionals rarely have additional time on their hands. They certainly don't want to spend more time having to save files to a device and then carry that device everywhere they go if they want to access their documents. With cloud storage, small business owners can save a great deal of time by instantly sharing and organizing files via the cloud, which can be accessed from any device. 

Client Portals Lowers costs

Tax professionals and the like have been able to save money with sharing platforms because files are shared directly via the Internet. This means that business owners no longer need to purchase expensive equipment to share files. We all know that cost-saving, in any form, is a treasure to all businesses. 

Client Portals Broadens accessibility 

When all your files are shared, managed, and maintained in the cloud, you can be sure that they’re accessed easily by anyone you give access. Each user has a profile and password to access the sharing platform, so files are easily accessible – but still safe. 

Client Portals Increases Security

Speaking of safety – you can say goodbye to days of your server crashing and your business losing many files due to this tragic event. With cloud sharing platforms, everything is encrypted, and you can be sure that data leaks and security holes are prevented – just one less thing to worry about. 

What to Look for in a Cloud-Based File Sharing Platform 

Tailored Client Portals 

Set up your client portal by individual, business, or subsidiary, and organize files within your client folders. Cloud-sharing platforms like Basil offer you an Organizer that helps you automate accounting workflows to help your monthly tasks run smoother.

Electronic Signatures 

eSignatures for IRS forms, agreements, and other documents are essential for file sharing software. Get a platform that provides eSignature templates and associated Audit Trails that help you track document numbers, IP addresses of signatures, etc.

Search Tool

Platforms like Basil provide robust global and local search tools to help you find items anywhere in your account (global) or within the entity you’re currently viewing (local). 

Customizable Notifications 

Try to look for software that allows you to customize your in-app and email notifications. This way, you can easily track when documents are submitted or signed by clients.

Basil: Secure Client Portal for Accounting and Tax Professionals 

There are no doubt how valuable content-sharing platforms can be for businesses. Basil is one of the best low-cost cloud-based file sharing platforms out there, designed to help you increase productivity and efficiency this tax season. If you’re a lawyer looking for cloud storage solutions, consider our associate business, CoraLegal

Ready to modernize your finance business the right way? Schedule a demo with us. 


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