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How to Stay Ahead in 2022 with Best Business Practices

Sharissa Barnett Jul 18, 2022 7:06:53 AM

According to a recent Google report, 80% of small businesses in the United States aren’t taking complete advantage of the technology tools that are available to them. Small company owners frequently resist new technology for a variety of reasons. However, these beliefs about new technology developments are incorrect.


Customers' demands and small company limitations have evolved as a result of technological progress. Greater sales, more cost-effective operations, and quicker development lead to big business benefits.


You must stay one step ahead of the competition.

How did technology change data storage?

Technology has drastically changed the way data is stored. In the past, data was typically stored on physical media such as hard drives or tapes. However, with the advent of cloud storage and other digital technologies, data can now be stored electronically.

Pros and Cons of Storing your documents in the cloud


Access Documents from Anywhere in the world

This can be useful if you need to work on a document while you are away from your office or home computer.

Share documents Easily

If you are collaborating on a project, you can give each person access to the document so that they can make edits and comments.


Service Down

There is always the possibility that the service could go down or experience technical difficulties. This could mean that you would not be able to access your documents when you need them.


If the service experienced a security breach, your documents could be compromised. You also have to trust that the company that is hosting your documents has adequate cloud network security.

Secure Cloud Solution

Basil is the all-in-one secure client portal that offers sensitive file sharing, unlimited eSignatures and a task organizer with automated follow-ups that is affordable for any organization regardless of firm size or number of users.


Let’s take a look at tips to keep your business ahead of the competition in 2022. 

Tip to Stay Ahead in 2022 with Best Business Practices

Decentralized Operations

Before the epidemic, many businesses were already seeing the benefits of eliminating their brick-and-mortar offices (lower overhead costs and a better work-life balance for employees, to name a couple).


When it comes to keeping your operations running smoothly during a pandemic, remote work technology means more than simply selecting the right video conferencing software.


Software Integration

Bringing various software systems together to create a single system is known as software integration. It's the same thing as having different workers with distinct skill sets come together to collaborate - software integration is just another way of describing it. Different programs "talk" and "work" together to achieve a goal, much like you have separate individuals working together in your company.


Integration of analytics software into accounting systems allows for more data to be entered, more rapidly, eliminating errors, and at a lower cost than with manual methods.


This will also help you save money by freeing up your staff's time, which equals more labor hours for you.


CoralTree makes innovative and user-friendly collaboration products that are designed to help teams work together more efficiently. Focused on bringing enterprise-grade technologies to the small business world. Whether you are a small startup with big dreams or an established business, CoralTree can help.


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