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How Business Owners are Staying Organized & Focused on Client Projects

Sharissa Barnett Jul 7, 2022 8:33:20 AM

One of the most common struggles that small business owners face is keeping their operations organized. They know that they need to promptly and efficiently handle client projects to grow their business, but incorporating all of their desired activities into their daily schedule proves to be another issue. 

Here’s what you need to know about the organizational struggles that business owners face along with tips for how managers can stay organized.


Obstacles to Remaining Organized

As a business owner, you have a limited amount of time and a seemingly endless to-do list.

The problem with staying organized is that it's easy to overlook tasks that are ultimately important to running a business, like marketing your company and monitoring what products are driving your company’s growth, when you have work that feels more pressing, like closing a deal, completing work for a client, or tending to an unhappy customer.

Not only do you need to handle the work for your client projects, but you have to market your business to potential customers, take care of the administrative and financial tasks associated with running a business, increase your brand awareness, and ensure that your customers are satisfied with your product or service.

If you have employees, they’ll likely cover the work for some of these tasks, but then you’re left with the added job of managing and overseeing your employees’ work. 

Increasing Your Organization and Productivity

Fortunately, there are tools available, like Basil Practice Management software, that are designed to help business owners streamline their operations so they can spend less time on administrative tasks and complete client projects quickly and efficiently. 

CoreCloud Practice Management software is an all-in-one tool that you can use to assist with the following client-related tasks:

  1. Collecting documents from your clients
  2. Collaborating with your team members
  3. Monitoring the status of a job
  4. Electronically signing documents
  5. Generating monthly distribution reports

The Organizer provided by CoreCloud is completely customizable so that you can personalize the software so that it’s suited to your needs. 

How Working from Home Creates Additional Issues Staying Organized

Working in a household setting often produces more distractions that keep you from getting work completed, like home and family responsibilities.

Some people also struggle with limiting distractions or getting started with their work, making procrastination a real problem for business owners who work at home.

Staying Organized When Working from Home

To stay organized when working from home, it’s essential to set a few ground rules for your work. While the flexibility of working from home is appealing, this flexibility often leads to organizational problems.

Set up a dedicated workspace that signals to your brain that it’s time to work. This work area should include a tidy desk, a comfortable task chair, and any necessary supplies.

Ideally, this work area should be set up away from household distractions, but if you’re short on space, a set of noise-canceling headphones does wonders for boosting your productivity. 

Basil Practice Management software is a helpful asset for any small business that needs assistance monitoring and prioritizing its daily and long-term tasks. 

How to Start Using Basil to Boost Your Organization

Want to learn more about how Basil Practice Management software can help you stay more organized? Visit us online to learn more about our software or schedule a demo! 

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