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Best Ways to Increase Productivity During and After Busy Tax Season

Sharissa Barnett Jun 13, 2022 12:40:19 PM

According to the Zogby Interactive Survey of 2018, 56 percent of Americans find tax season stressful, and 18 percent find it highly stressful. Thus, it is correct to argue that tax season is so stressful if you have poor time management. Consequently, accountants work around the clock during tax season to ensure their clients' tax returns are promptly and accurately filed. For accountants, tax season is busy and arduous if their organization lacks the right accounting technology like Basil to help them stay in touch with their clients to file their returns efficiently. Increasing productivity during and after this season does not work in isolation as there are various practices that you must embrace. These include:

  1. Update your Accounting Technology

Tax season presents a rare opportunity to upgrade your company's accounting technology, thus allowing employees to accomplish more tasks in less time. The technological update helps prevent the occurrence of any disruption while using your company's IT assets. The proper accounting tools like Basil help prompt the filing of clients' returns. Additionally, accounting software like Basil software is highly versatile and thus can be accessed anywhere at any time without compromising the data security.

  1. Have an Elaborate Plan

There is an old adage that "proper preparation prevents poor performance." Therefore, planning is crucial in increasing your team's productivity. Keeping track of how much time you spend on different tasks is essential in developing a plan for your engagements. If you like multitasking, it is time that you try engaging on one task at a time. This is likely to increase your company's productivity by approximately.

  1. Take Regular Breaks

Taking breaks from your work helps refresh your mood, enhance your motivation to work, and boost your energy to execute other tasks. Studies show that people who take regular breaks from their work tend to be more productive than those who do not take breaks. Using your calendar, you can identify break opportunities and utilize them fully. If you are a company executive, ensure that you integrate breaks for employees in your working policy.

Final Thoughts

Tax season can be stressful and overwhelming for your employees if you lack the right technology. Basil is an accounting technology that can help your organization promptly and accurately file returns for your clients. So, are you having trouble getting the right accounting technology for the tax season? Contact CoralTree, Inc today to acquire Basil software for your organization.

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