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Effective Time Management Strategies for Accountants: Boost Productivity and Minimize Stress

Sharissa Barnett Feb 14, 2024 9:42:47 AM
Time Management Software for Accountants to boost productivity


The importance of time management for accountants cannot be overemphasized. If you are an accountant, you understand the demands to deliver results within strict deadlines. One has to consistently put in many extra hours to complete tasks. This state of affairs leads to massive stress among accountancy professionals. To most accountants, how to manage stress at work becomes one of their main concerns. We cover some of the major tips that you can use to manage your time properly and maximize productivity at work.

Importance of Time Management for Accountants

Accountants need to manage their time and productivity to avoid work-related stress. Workplace stress is common in accounting departments. Although the causes vary from one organization to another, the bottom line is that having a stressed-out accounting team may lead to serious losses for any organization. Here are some of the things that cause stress at the workplace for accountants.



The amount of work that you need to do as an accountant can lead to work-related stress. The accounting cycle covers seasons of low and high workloads. Accounting and finance departments get particularly busy during the closing of the financial year.

Accountants have a lot of work to do to successfully close the books during such periods. Having a lot of work to do within a limited time can cause severe stress.


Performance Demands

Accountants work with Key Performance Indicators. If your senior sets very high-performance targets, you can find yourself working well beyond your capacity to try to achieve the objectives. Excessive pressure to perform is one of the things that cause stress to accountants.



The selling pitch of nearly all time management software for accountants is how to manage time and avoid work-related stress. Deadlines can be serious causes of stress for accountants. Delays in delivering work often cause backlogs and affect other team members.

Moreover, having very close deadlines can cause anxiety among accountants. Thus, accountants need to include time management in their approach to how to manage stress at work.

Time Management and Productivity Tips for Accountants

If you search for 5 ways to manage stress at the workplace, you will find a lot of advice online. However, the core of the literature on reducing stress at the workplace relates to managing time and relationships with other employees. Here are more than 5 ways to manage stress at the workplace for accountants.


Prioritizing Tasks

Often, you will find numerous tasks on your desk every day as an accountant. All the tasks compete for your attention simultaneously. You must decide the sequence of doing them to achieve your objectives and avoid stress.

You can use different criteria to prioritize accounting tasks. For example, start with the tasks that are most urgent before moving to the rest. Alternatively, focus on the most demanding assignments and then proceed to the less strenuous ones.

Many time management software for accountants give you the ability to evaluate tasks by considering the time requirements and complexity levels.

Using software such as Basil can help you visualize the amount of time and commitment you need to complete accounting tasks. You can then use this information to carefully prioritize the tasks and avoid workplace stress.


Minimize Distractions

Most of the things that cause stress at the workplace arise from our behavior. For example, we tend to lose concentration and engage in unnecessary tasks during work time.

You must have realized how easy it is to punctuate your periods of concentrating on an important task with moments of doing insignificant things. Some of these irrelevant things we do include visiting social media platforms and checking emails. At times, we may be distracted by personal phone calls or simply the desire to chat with colleagues.

One of the top 5 ways to manage stress at the workplace is to minimize distractions when working. Avoid checking your social media feeds or personal emails when amid a task. It may help if you allocate small amounts of time, say one hour, to focus on the task and avoid all kinds of distractions during the period.


Work-life Balance

One of the importance of time management in accounting relates to improving productivity. However, using time management software for accountants may improve your productivity and time management but not necessarily help you attain work-life balance.

Time-Management-Software-for-Accountants-remote-workAttaining and maintaining work-life balance is one of the 5 ways to manage stress at the workplace.

Lack of work-life balance is one of the things that cause stress at the workplace. If you do not have a clear boundary between your work and private life, you may end up losing the ability to perform at the workplace.

You can attain work-life balance by setting clear times for the office and other activities. Ideally, avoid carrying work home to enhance your productivity and have enough time for your activities. It is also a good idea to avoid work-related communication when you are away from the office and outside your working hours.


Have a good work environment

Your work environment determines productivity. If you are working in an unconducive work environment, you will end up wasting a lot of time and energy trying to concentrate on the task at hand. On the other hand, having a good working environment can help you avoid wasting time and maximize productivity.

You can do several simple things to make your workplace conducive to productivity. For example, organize the physical environment by removing all clutter. If you have a lot of unnecessary papers and other stuff on your desk, you may end up wasting time sifting through the clutter to find what you are looking for during working time.

Additionally, ensure your desk and chair are in perfect condition. Physical comfort at work plays a key role in determining how productive you are. Remember, accountants spend a lot of time at their desks. Ensuring you have a comfortable work environment is one of the answers to the question of how to manage stress at work.


Get enough rest

The importance of time management for accountants relates to the level of productivity and overall health of the employees. Using time management software for accountants is a good way of boosting productivity and minimizing time wastage. Moreover, good utilization of such tools may help you to realize the importance of getting enough rest.

Accountants typically work in highly stressful conditions. It is common for accountants to fail to get enough rest because of the sheer volume of work they handle at any time. However, the human body needs rest to rejuvenate and heal. Denying yourself enough rest can quickly undermine  productivity and become one of the things that stress at the workplace.

Take brief but regular breaks at work to remain focused and active. Also, while at home, get enough sleep so that you are sharp and ready for work every day.


Use Client Management Software

Client management software helps you manage relationships with clients and optimize internal workflows. A good platform also acts as a time management software for accountants. Such a platform not only helps accountants do away with tiresome paperwork but also streamlines their engagements with clients and fast-tract projects.

Although using small business tools like time management software for accountants is a great answer to how to manage stress at work, selecting the right tools can be difficult. Thousands of software applications for accountants exist. It is important to consider important factors such as efficiency and ease of use when selecting software for accountants.

We have a client cloud collaboration software called Basil Practice Management for Accountants, CPA's, and Tax Professionals. Our product is affordable, effective, and simple to use.



We have discussed the importance of time management in accounting in this article. We have also covered important tips on how to manage stress at work as an accountant. One of them entails using time management software for accountants. In addition, you can maximize your productivity and minimize time wastage by prioritizing tasks, avoiding distractions, and maintaining a balance between your work and life. 

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