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Top Tool for Accountants: Mastering Remote Work with Basil

Sharissa Barnett Mar 29, 2024 2:25:41 PM
business women sitting in the car using a accountant software

Today's accountant is no longer locked up in a boring office with piles of books around them. That's a good thing, as it means you can do more of the things you want and need to do to improve your quality of life. Yet, you do have a business to run. With accounting software and cloud accounting tools readily available, hitting the road and working where the mood strikes you is more of an option than ever before. 

Before You Invest, Consider Your Objectives

There are dozens of mobile productivity apps out there, and we will recommend some fantastic options for you. However, when choosing accounting software for travelers, especially when you’re taking your practice on the road with you, means being careful.

  • Choose highly reliable, proven tools with a history of providing security.
  • Choose applications and cloud accounting tools that can do more in one tool instead of investing in dozens of individual tools.
  • Always get the feedback and reviews you need before you download and start using any accounting on-the-go apps. 

By keeping those strategies in mind, you can start to apply some of the best virtual collaboration tools for accountants directly into your business. Here is one of the best accounting software (including cloud accounting) tools your organization needs.

business women working in a cafe using a accounting software

Practice Management Cloud-Based Accounting Solutions: Basil

Accounting practice management software is robust and has to handle all of the tasks you need. What you should realize is that the best cloud-based accounting solutions allow you to utilize them anywhere at any time with ample security. Basil is a refreshingly simple software tool for accountants that is an all-in-one practice management tool that’s super inexpensive.

This is the first thing you need to download on your path to being an accountant on the go. Here’s why. Basil offers robust tools and numerous resources to help accountants manage just about all of their necessary tasks in one type of accounting software. With this one tool – which you can use digitally – you get:

  • Client portal that makes collaborating and communicating with your client effortless 
  • Client dashboards that help you to always have a clear view of tasks and status for each client (customize them to fit your needs)
  • Time tracking and reporting tools so you know how much time is going into any single project
  • E-signature tools and management that allow you to better manage contracts and documents from any location.
  • Email integration, document editing, chat features, and more.

With this tool, which also includes a mobile app, you really have everything you need to master remote work. 

As you start to build digital nomad tools for your practice, start with this single robust solution. Basil is the foundation of success when it comes to cloud accounting (and it’s very easy to learn to use, too).

Make the Changes You Need to Be Virtual

When you consider a few simple ways to stay organized with your small business accounting firm, you can move faster into a remote work environment.

  • Go paperless in all activities you complete for your clients and your business. There are no limitations on going paperless with today’s accountant, and doing so saves you time and money.
  • Organize your digital work from the start. When you use accounting on-the-go apps like Basil Practice Management, it is more effective and efficient to have a robust organizational system in place for client data, files, and notes. 
  • Put in place strategies to tackle the most common tasks that take up most of your time. Cloud accounting that incorporates automation tools for email, messages, and files allows you to spend less time trying to manage tasks and more time achieving the goals you need for your business.

Implement Solutions with Basil

At CoralTree, our Basil Practice Management for Accountants software program gives you virtually everything you need to master accounting software as you travel. It is a robust tool that allows you to get the results you need without any time drain. And, with so many features and specifications out there, you can use Basil in numerous ways to achieve all of the goals you have for your business. 

When you want to travel and work remotely where it fits you, the cloud software from CoralTree and Basil makes it possible to master it all with success. Try Basil now for 15-days free and a personalized demo.  

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