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Human Touch to Cloud Collaboration with CoralTree

TS Srinivasan Oct 1, 2021 1:47:05 PM


Technology is evolving at breakneck speed. Small businesses who need to stay competitive face a risky proposition: do they trust consumer software that’s easy to use but not suitable for mission-critical applications, or pay a premium for enterprise software that’s full of complex, irrelevant features? The problem with the one size fits all approach is that most times it doesn’t work across industries. Each industry, small business and niche business have their own set of requirements. As remote working becomes a necessity, small businesses need solutions that they can trust, easy to setup and afford.

What is CoralTree’s human touch approach to providing cloud-based solutions for SMBs?

CoralTree disrupts the one size fits all model by offering enterprise-grade collaboration tools and software that are fine-tuned just for small business, at a price-point that is extremely affordable. These cloud-based collaboration solutions have helped tax professionals, accountants, bookkeepers, law firms, and construction businesses, who benefit from our vertically customized, ready to use products. We protect customer data with industry standard technologies used by banks, including encrypted data transfers and storage. We do not use customer details for any purpose other than providing quality customer support. We do not do ‘data mining’ – it is against our principles, and policy of protecting customer data.

What is CoralTree’s human touch approach to software development?

We understand the day-to-day issues faced by small business owners better than anyone else. One of those issues is the frustrating need to depend on multiple software products to complete basic workflows, each of which comes with their own monthly bill. At CoralTree we believe in an “all-in-one” approach to software: give customers everything they need under one application, with one affordable bill.

We pay close attention to our target user in each demographic, and design features with constant feedback as a guideline. As an example, our Basil platform was designed by gathering feedback from tax professionals in the field, and filling in the market gaps. The platform includes document editing, real-time collaboration, eSignatures, organizers, notifications, search, and a continuous roadmap of innovative features, all in one product.

What is CoralTree’s human touch approach to innovation?

We understand that Small Business owners may not have the time or resources for special training or certification programs, which are expensive overhead costs associated with other software providers. Our innovative approach to software development includes considerable focus on user interface design, user experience, and work flows. As an example, Basil has predefined user roles that are intuitive, and easy to understand. Combined with helpful messages and prompts, more than 80% of our customers sign up and get started on their own, highlighting the self-service aspect of our software. The remaining 20% get started with a small amount of guidance from our 5-star rated support team, who take pride in the success of our customers.

Please visit for additional company information, or click here to learn more about Basil.


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