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Keys to Success for Owning an Accounting Firm

Sharissa Barnett Mar 22, 2023 8:37:08 AM
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Is owning an accounting firm profitable?

Accounting is a crucial component of running a successful business. It plays a major role in ensuring accurate financial records, the preparation of tax returns and meeting financial obligations. Owning an accounting firm can be a prosperous and rewarding career, but is it financially viable? 

In this article, we'll delve into the ins and outs of owning an accounting firm, what it takes to run a successful accounting firm, and how Basil Practice Management can assist in streamlining your accounting firm's workflow. Owning your own accounting firm can be seamless with the use of the right technology. 

The profitability of owning an accounting firm 

Owning an accounting firm can be quite lucrative. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants and auditors are earning a median annual wage of $77,250 in May 2021. Earnings, however, may vary based on the size, client base, and location of the accounting firm. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most significant advantages of owning an accounting firm.


The success of owning your own accounting firm is heavily influenced by its size. This includes factors such as employee count, client variety, and breadth of services provided.

Big accounting firms have a major advantage due to their larger size. This enables them to serve a greater number of clients while keeping expenses low, resulting in elevated profits. Furthermore, these companies can provide a diverse array of services, which appeals to clientele seeking comprehensive accounting solutions. Their vast scale also permits them to invest in state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, resulting in cost-effective and streamlined operations.

Small accounting firms can turn a profit too, even with a smaller roster of clients. These firms offer customized services tailored to the unique needs of each client, which can be especially appealing to those seeking a more personalized approach to accounting. With lower overhead costs, small firms can compete on price while still delivering high-quality services. What's more, they're nimble and can adjust to market changes more quickly than their larger counterparts, giving them a strategic advantage.

Client base

The profitability of an accounting firm is heavily reliant on its client base. A diverse clientele can offer stability to a company's revenue output. It's vital to have a variety of clients hailing from different industries and sectors to protect against potential revenue losses in the event of any unforeseen circumstances or economic downturns. A diversified client base can act as a cushion for a firm's earnings, ultimately decreasing the likelihood of unstable cash flow.

Sometimes, relying on a handful of clients is risky business for accounting firms. One major departure could spell financial disaster. Therefore, firms must strategize how to attract and retain clients to maintain a diverse and dependable clientele. This involves offering a diverse array of services, honing expertise in certain niches, and providing unparalleled customer care.

Accounting firms have to think beyond just expanding their clientele. They also need to prioritize obtaining high-quality clients. High-quality clients bring in consistent revenue, have a stronger demand for services, and lead to higher profit margins. These clients are reliable, pay promptly, and create repeat business.

In contrast, low-quality clients can be problematic, causing cash flow issues and negatively impacting profitability by either demanding too much, offering low margins or even defaulting on payments. Accounting firms need to balance their client base with high-quality clients to maintain financial stability. 


The location of your accounting firm has a big impact on its success. A good location can bring in more clients, while a bad location can limit your customer base and increase competition. Additionally, the location can affect the type of services your firm can offer. So, when choosing a location for your accounting firm, it's important to consider these factors carefully.

If you run an accounting firm in a bustling city, you have the potential to make more money due to the vast number of potential clients. The high population density of urban areas means that there is a continuous flow of potential clients, which greatly raises the odds of finding new business opportunities. Additionally, there are countless businesses, both small and large corporations, in metropolitan areas that rely on accounting services. This presents an incredible opportunity for your accounting firm to attract and retain clients.

If your accounting business is situated in a sparsely populated region, drawing in clients can pose a difficulty. Less developed areas with fewer enterprises translate to a restricted customer pool. Nonetheless, don't be discouraged as your accounting firm can still yield a profit. Small towns and rural localities present exclusive prospects for specialized services. Imagine your firm concentrates on agricultural or natural resource accounting - preferring a rural area can be a strategic advantage.

What it takes to run a successful accounting firm

Skilled team

To be successful in owning an accounting firm, an accounting firm needs a skilled team of experts that can deliver top-notch customer service. Finding the right individuals with the right knowledge and experience can be a difficult task, but it is absolutely essential to the overall success of the business. Owning your own accounting firm it’s imperative to put in the extra effort to build a talented team which will pay off in the long run.

To build a great team begin by pinpointing the required skills and qualities that are vital for your industry. Seek out candidates with pertinent experience, excellent communication abilities, and a drive for providing exceptional service. It may also be advantageous to perform skill evaluations and personality tests to help select suitable candidates with the necessary aptitude and traits.

Effective marketing

If you're aspiring to run a prosperous accounting venture, then you cannot neglect the significance of marketing. It is an essential instrument for drawing in fresh customers and retaining old ones. Advertising your firm can be achieved through diverse avenues such as social media, email campaigns, or old-fashioned advertising.

However, it is essential to recognize what approach resonates with your firm and focus on that for a significant impact. With the appropriate marketing plan, your accounting practice can prosper for a long time.

Efficient workflow

Efficient management of your workflow is essential for your accounting business. A system that simplifies the handling of client data, invoices, and administrative duties is crucial. Streamlining these processes with technology, such as Basil Practice Management, can help ensure smooth running of your firm. 

To acquire more knowledge on best business practices for starting your accounting venture, we recommend perusing our extensive guide. The guide, titled "Best Practices When Starting Your Own Business in Accounting," is brimming with valuable advice and helpful pointers from experts in the field.

Revolutionize Your Accounting Firm's Workflow with Basil - The All-in-One Solution

In conclusion, owning an accounting firm can be a profitable venture if you have the right mindset, strategies, and tools in place. With the help of modern technology like Basil, you can streamline your workflow, securely store and share important documents, and collect unlimited e-signatures all in one place, while focusing on growing your business and serving your clients better. 

Don't let the fear of competition or the challenges of starting a new business hold you back. Instead, take the leap of faith and start your own accounting firm today with the confidence that you have the support and resources you need to succeed. Try Basil, for one month free, a cost-effective, efficient, and secure practice management software designed for accountants, and experience the difference. Join the numerous satisfied customers who have benefited from implementing Basil into their practice.

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